WordPress web developer from the Netherlands.

Hello! My name is Dennis Ridder and I live in the Netherlands (yes I’m a Dutch), working as a freelance web developer. Programming, developing, mainly for the Internet is already a hobby of mine so choosing a craft was easy (I do like other things as well, in case you’re wondering).

Started with this hobby at 2005, I learnt a lot over the years. In 2010 I graduated as a digital entrepreneur at the Institute of Information Engineering, part of the Hogeschool van Amsterdam (Graduate school of Amsterdam), the Netherlands.

Besides being able to write actual code, I am also perfectly able to translate your wishes into a perfectly working website without you needing any technical knowledge. I simply do the dirty work for you :)

Why would I hire you, you are far away?

Glad you’re asking. I read/write English fluently and speaking is good (My ears are good as well). Nowadays with e-mail, Skype, the digital world has taken over, borders vanished.

I already work together with multiple (web) designers / design agencies, so if you are looking for a web developer to cooperate with, I’m your guy! Contact me to hear how affordable I am. :~)

Are you from within the European Union? I don’t have to charge you sales taxes!

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